Take Away

Take Away from CSP, Jammu

CSP Jammu assures to offer pragmatic, progressive and meaningful “Take Away” which are school, class and learner specific

T I - Differentiate between Testing, Measuring, Assessment & Evaluation.

T II - Whom are we assessing? The learner, ……….

T III - Why are we assessing? For feedback, --------

T IV -What are we assessing? Scholastic, ……….

T V- How are we assessing? Tool, -----------

T VI – How often should we assess? Daily, ---------

Food for Thought

F I - Were erstwhile term- end examinations a true indicator of the Teaching-Learning process?

FII - Is CCE a more comprehensive indicator of learner’s holistic development?

F III - Should items, questions and tasks match learning objectives?

F IV - Is there reciprocity between curriculum and assessment?

F V - How do the undergraduate colleges rate our school assessments?

F VI - What is the best way forward? Have your say-------