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Dear Participant,

The Pre Course, "Me, My-self and My School", consists of exercises to be completed by you before coming for the contact program. The Pre Course is like a thread which will knit together the fabric of the entire program. It is forwarded to you Seven Days in advance along with a set of prescribed and suggested reading material. It is suggested that the given material be read and reflected upon before attempting the pre course exercises in the light of your own experiences. Please ensure that the pre course is done in all its earnestness, with diligence and care, to be able to derive maximum value out of it. The program content to be transacted during the contact period will be aligned to beliefs and ideas expressed as also address issues and concerns voiced in the exercises and presentations.



Hope you enjoyed the readings! Relate what you just read to events or experiences you have had as a leader or even as a team member in about 50-75 words.

You can choose any one open ended response statement to express yourself.

• Reading this reminds me of..........
• While reading this I was thinking about-----------