Newsletter June 2014

Be an Instructional Encourager

Every day is a new opportunity to practice “perfection” at my school, Eastern Pulaski Elementary School in Winamac, Indiana. Serving nearly 600 K-5 students, our school has embraced the philosophy that in order for our students to achieve their personal best, we must maintain high expectations for daily classroom work.

Just like a team, our instructional coaches (our teachers) know that how students “practice” each day will have a positive impact on how they will “play” during the championship game (high-stakes state assessments). We believe that every day is game day and we must ensure that we maximize every instructional minute.

Here are four ways we encourage students to do their personal best every day.

Establish Expectations

Our schoolwide approach to personal best effort begins on the first day of school. Each teacher invests energy during those first few days of school to e